martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016


What shape does the water has? It is said that the water takes the shape of its container. With the sight you can access to this container form, but with other senses can perceive the internal composition of the liquid and its movements. Iceberg is an interactive sculpture that invites the public to perceive the shape of an object through touch and hearing, a liquid cube-shaped object. This work aims the subject of how we perceive with other senses and the shamanic rituals of initiation related to the expansion of perception.

This iceberg is made up of two parts, one audible and other tactile. The tactile part is a water cube, the aural part is white noise and both are connected through a computer vision algorithm. It invites the public to sink their hand in the cube and shake it, the action is recorded and tracked in real time by the computer vision system of the work and the information obtained can move the sound in space in the same way water does, a fragmented sound in hundred equal parts that allows to sonorize the movement of the particles of the water cube, so the public can feel the shape of water through the skin and ear, accessing information objects have hidden into them.

By sinking the hand at this iceberg public gains access to a section of reality which can not be accessed with sight, secret shapes that simultaneously inhabits things and we can reveal through the other senses, a shamanic initiation to increase reality.

Technical sheet
Author: Jaime Lobato.
Work: Iceberg.
Technique: Water, multichannel sound, web cam, computer vision algorithm.
Measures: 100 x 53.5 x 53.5 cms.
Year: 2016.

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